How do you turn a small space in an empty laneway into a successful cafe?

Marcio Brito, Stephen Balme and partners took a shell of a coffee shop, added a brand new fit-out, started serving the best coffee in Double Bay, and called themselves Filosofy.

With its huge open window and clever outdoor seating, the cafe has an inviting, casual vibe.

Open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week, Filosofy’s menu is simple and healthy. The team manages to turn out a clever variety of food from a tiny kitchen space.

Breakfast is big and the cafe is always packed on weekends. You can choose from house-baked fresh muffins, the special Filosofy breakfast, which includes house-made gravlax (cured Atlantic salmon), and the incredibly popular portable bacon and feta omelette.

Filosofy sandwiches are great and the cafe also caters to the health conscious, as well as customers seeking gluten free delights, with chia seed puddings, gluten-free bread and gluten-free organic granola.

Since opening in late 2014, Filosofy has become a draw card for all serious coffee drinkers in Double Bay and has started to get a reputation around the Eastern Suburbs.

Like all good cafes it’s all about the coffee, and the atmosphere created by truly service-oriented staff. Filosofy has a great team with energy and a sense of fun that make it an uplifting place to visit.

Although Stephen and Marcio started the cafe with the intention of slowly building the business’ reputation, it seems the small space on the corner of Knox Lane and Bay Street has exceeded their expectations in a very short space of time. So pull up a chair at the large, open window and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee and accompanying treats.

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