At Primal Fitness we want you to do more than simply survive, we want you to thrive; achieving resilience and vitality for modern living. Primal Fitness sums up this philosophy.

At Primal Fitness our aim is to form part of the ongoing conversation around cutting edge health and fitness. We embody the highest professional and techinical standards to ensure our members’ quality of movement before quantity of movement. Our exercise programs cater to all levels of fitness, and our movement coaches are expert personal trainers who will personalise programs to ensure that the movements and exercise that are prescribed are the most appropriate in order to achieve the goals of the member.

Our personal trainers at Primal Fitness are therefore referred to as Movement Coaches. We focus on qualitative movement, ensuring a safe, effective and fun session for all our members.

At Primal Fitness we seek to provide our members with the most positive, fun, welcoming environment in order to deliver world class training sessions. Semi-Private Training, where our coaches will deliver sessions to up to 3 members at the same time, help to facilitate this environment.

As a member, you will receive your personalised program delivered by one of our expert coaches.

We also offer a wide variety of classes, including:

  • High intensity functional circuit
  • Strength
  • Boxing
  • Yoga/Stretch

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