O2 Studio is a health and fitness training studio designed to be the most complete combination of science and experience; education and opportunity. At O2 Studio, we are about results driven training. We understand and appreciate individuality and specific needs. With a fully qualified, experienced and diverse training team, we are able to offer the absolute best in service, personal attention and proper care for everyone, regardless of your fitness needs and wants.

Our team is created and compiled of professionals in the field who have a unique understanding of the physiological demands and functions of the body in training and still possess a genuine concern for each individual with compassion, enthusiasm and accountability. At O2 Studio, we understand that health is about strength in body, strength in mind and strength in character and personal relationships.

Our classes include:

  • Outdoor boxing training at Christinson park
  • Circuit classes
  • Freestyle weights classes
  • Flexibility/mobility classes
  • Yoga

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