Peachy Keen Foods is about great food & community. We prepare organic, healthy, fresh dishes, made to order & delivered straight to your door. To give you back the time you need to look after yourself, because we all deserve to feel nourished&lovedatthe end of the day.

"We built Peachy Keen because we believe in the power of organic wholefoods, in creating overall wellness from the inside out. We were both too busy with our careers and to-do-lists to look after ourselves. Now we work to give that time back to others. The time to relax, to play, to enjoy life. We are inspired." - Alice + Kiran

On our journey we met and fell in love with Miss. Bonnee Fahlstrom of Bodee by Bonnee. Model, Nutritionist and Naturopath she may be, however Bonnee's best characteristic is her enormous heart and spirit. We proudly work side by side with Bonnee in curating our menu and brain storming all things health and wellbeing...

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