Are you moving into your new home, downsizing or just need more space and organisation in your current home?

Diana Organizer is here to help you to create a place you'll love coming home to!

The professional organiser services can make your spaces much more practical where all items will be seen and easily found. Clothes and objects are accommodated in way that provides you control of your time, space and money (you'll never miss your clothes in your clutter again!). Leave you time for the more important things in your life.

When each item has its own place, life will flow. It's simple: the more organised your environment is, the more productive you will be.

Diana is a lawyer and also a certified professional organiser. She loves helping others to have an easier life with organised spaces.

Services offered:

• Residential Organisation: Closet and wardrobe / Kitchen and pantry / Laundry / Bathroom / Kid and babies bedroom (clothes and toys)

• Moving out / moving in: items categorisation and boxes organisation (moving out) / Removing clutter before settle the new home / New home organisation

• Small business / office space

*Includes suggestion of storage products

The organisation projects are agreed with the client prior to execution and respect the different preferences and needs.

Diogo Rodrigues:

Very dedicated and polite professional. She easily adapted to my needs. Awsome very satisfied!!

Home organiser
Professional organising
2 Dec 2016