From beautiful soups, salads, wraps & smoothies to delicious, guilt-free cakes, brownies and ice creams, Garden to Gourmet is the place for healthy, whole food cuisine packed with goodness that will tickle your taste buds.

Our raw food is plant-based and contains no wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs or sugar. It is rich in nutrients as none of the enzymes or phytonutrients have been destroyed by cooking.

We prepare fresh, delicious, raw, organic, plant-based food, from vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, leafy greens, sprouted seeds, sea vegetables (seaweeds) and natural fats.

We do not use sugar, gluten, wheat, eggs or animal products in our food.

Our raw, organic food, is fresh, whole food that has not been refined, denatured or heated above
118 degrees F (48 degrees C). This preserves the nutritional content of our food (as up to 70% of nutritional content can be lost when food is cooked).

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