Maths Not Squiggles is a Sydney-based tuition centre providing Math and English tuition for students ranging from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Maths not Squiggles together with Words not Squiggles offers a safe, friendly environment, which focuses on the individual needs of your child. It provides and supports a structured curriculum set out by the Board of Studies that is challenging, stimulating and educationally sound.

Maths not Squiggles & Words not Squiggles offers both One-to-One tuition as well as Group Work to help your child in all areas of Mathematics and English. Some students work well in groups where they learn from one another with guided assistance from their teacher. Others cannot focus in groups and need that personalized attention which we also provide. Maths not Squiggles and Words not Squiggles provide structured lessons with homework set at the end of each lesson. Only once your child has a full understanding of the topic will we continue onto the next part of the course. Our lessons are not mass-produced. In other words, the way we teach one student will not be the same for the next. It’s all individually tailored. The end result however is the same – the very best education for your child!

Allyson Lore:

Professionally run tutoring. My kids love going to their lessons

Tutoring - mathematics
Tutoring - english
14 Oct 2016
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