Spray tan was developed as a safe UV free alternative to the dangerous and damaging effects of sun tanning. We use a variety of tanning products, with a wide variety of colours and shades. The product is Australian made and Australian owned!
We have a range of unique blends in 12 shades to suit all skin types, in either 2, 4 or 6 hour developing tans. As she is also a hair colourist, she has a good eye for colours and tones to help you get the best most natural looking tan possible! And will customise and create formulas specifically for you so that your tan develops into a perfect bronze, with no chance of that orange look!
All the tan solutions are created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients.
Our tanning technician is an expert in spray tanning and has been wearing and doing tans for 10 years. This is a personalized tanning experience, done one on one. So that your tan is applied perfectly to suit all your personal needs and preferences.
If it is your first time she will also be able to have a tan consultation with you to make sure she is doing her best to understand your desired outcome and choosing the perfect shade for your skin type. Your tan can be applied and dried in 10 minutes!
Our tanning technician knows all the tips and tricks to keep your tan looking perfect for 7-10 days. She will provide you with all the necessary pre and post care information that the tan requires to make sure that you look beautifully and naturally tanned.

If you require a tan outside of work hours or on a day that the salon is generally closed, our tanning technician will be happy to take any group bookings of 2 or more to suit your needs, so that you are having your tan done at the right time to suit your schedule. If this is something you may require, i.e.prior to a wedding, please discuss your schedule with her so that she can advise you when the best time is to do your tan (i.e.The evening before or sometimes 1 or 2 days before the event) so that you get your ideal outcome and look for your important event.

Mobile tanning: We understand that nowadays it is difficult for women to make time for themselves or to leave the house if there are kids at home, so we have decided to offer a mobile tanning service for customers that live in the Eastern suburbs to help make tanning more convenient for you.

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