Dr.Eric Saacks works hard to offer the very best in orthodontic care.

He is one of a handful of dual trained specialists in both Orthodontics and Periodontics (Gum Specialist) in the world. This positions him as a leading authority in Specialty Orthodontics.

At saacks orthodontics we don’t believe in a ‘one system fits all’ approach. Every smile is unique. Every person individual. Every treatment we recommend is customised to achieve a better smile. We offer a range of orthodontic options from the best systems available in Australia and America. Plus, with Dr Eric Saacks, overseeing all treatment plans you have the confidence of a renowned international orthodontic and periodontal specialist (and qualified general dentist) with the experience to further customise any treatment, ensuring the best possible smile for you.

Remember, as Dr Eric Saacks says, "Smile, it’s confidence therapy."

Saacks Orthodontics also has a practice in Port Macquarie.

Heidi Lapidge:

Personal service

9 Aug 2016