Debra-Ann Tanne Speech Pathology is a practice that believes in a wholistic approach towards remediating challenges related to communication, speech, language and academic language (which relies on auditory processing of verbal information, phonics, reading, writing, sustained attention.

The therapists at this practice are experienced, passionate and goal-directed. We strive to individualise programmes to suit your child’s needs and ensure your child gains optimally from the process.

At the practice we carry out assessments to highlight the underlying issues that may be causing the surface challenges. Therapy sessions are custom made for your child’s needs incorporating imagination and enthusiasm for learning. Working on these skills in therapy helps empower your child when communicating and learning at home, school and other environments.

In addition, we work with children with who have been diagnosed with Syndromes, Intellectual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other disabilities which have an impact on their communication skills and learning.

We work with the family, school and other professionals so as to optimise the process and carryover of skills that have been targeted in real-life situations. This is assisted by individual sessions, group sessions and school based therapy.

Sophie Newcombe:

I am in 4th Year Speech Pathology at the university of sydney and Debbie Tanne is my clinical educator for my paediatric placement. She has a great connection with all the children and their families at the clinic and i continuously see improvements in her clients skills. All the health professionals at this clinic have a very holistic approach to managing their clients. I have observed them to consistently and passionately advocate for their clients needs in all aspects of their lives. I would highly recommend this service.

Speech pathology
20 Mar 2017

Deborah Flamn:

An amazing team of dedicated and supportive therapists. Would be lost without their advice and guidance. Highly recommend!

Occupational therapy
Speech pathology
1 Feb 2017

Joanne Tonkes:

Miss Debbie is a wonderful person who is able to communicate very effectively with my children. She sets appropriate "homework" that the kids are not overwhelmed by and they have fun practicing. Absolutely, highly recommend Debbie if you have by concerns over your child's speech.

Speech pathology
8 Sep 2016