A meme is, "an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture"

Let me introduce myself and share with you the story of how Me Me began.

I’m Toni, a made in Italy girl who grew up in Melbourne with a crazy Italian family. Style and  fashion has interested me from a very young age.

I wanted to create a concept salon for me, yes ME. Me for Me…. Was my inspiration….

  • Forming Business Partnerships with Experienced Professionals
  • High Quality products
  • Professional Staff
  • Up to Date Staff
  • Staff with Passion in their field
  • Luxury Services – Affordable
  • Fast, efficient Service
  • All my favourite services, as a woman, in one salon.
  • Packages to make things simple.
  • No more going from one salon to another for different services just for a night out.
  • Finishing Touches, all in one place….
  • Me for Me – it’s all about me at Me Me……
  • So Me Me did my concept justice.
  • And the catch phrases developed highlighting our services.

#LashMe #BlowMe #TanMe #ShapeMe #MarryMe
#DateMe #MakeMe #StyleMe #HydrateMe……

Please come by to meet Me, or my Great team.

Nicola Tkachenko:

Toni is great - a great hairdresser, skilled and lovely. She has a great eye for hair colour and cut . Have always been really impressed with her work.

Beauty salon
Eyebrow and eyelash specialist
Tanning salon
23 Aug 2016

Richard Elliott:

Infrared treatment at Me Me was fantastic, if you follow their advice with this service you will achieve excellent weight loss results and feel fantastic into the bargain. Strongly recommend.

Weight loss
10 Aug 2016