Nicole Krieger is a small business entrepreneur who launched Mum’s PA in 2009. Nicole has repurposed her combination of exceptional management, high-level organisational and decision-making skills to build a business that helps people enjoy their lives without the stressful mayhem that usually accompanies it. She has a rare passion for sorting through the chaos of home life and is committed to delivering results every time.

Mum’s PA recognizes that the demands of working people and parents are not adequately catered for. The business is a response to the fragmented domestic services industry that offers a multitude of macro solutions but ignores the fine print of life’s domestic administration.

Mum’s PA’s mission is to de-stress your life through domestic project management and give you back that precious commodity - time. Better than that, we essentially create it for you.

Mum’s PA caters to the time-poor. Clients are women and men who have hectic lives saturated with work, the juggle of family schedules or those who have simply recognised that it’s not possible to do everything.

Nicole and her team offer all manner of services from decluttering, unpacking and home styling. Whether it be your spare room or kitchen, the need for a handyman, your family’s extra-curricular schedule, the impending international move, the nightmare of a renovation, an event or your paperwork - Mum’s PA can be there when you can't.

Heidi Lapidge:

Amazing service and attention to detail . A must !!!

Personal assistant
Home organiser
Interior decorator / Home stylist
Packing / unpacking
22 Jul 2016
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