DIGICARDS DIGITAL IDENTITY is a real-time portable technology that enables you to connect your personal identity with anyone anywhere in the world and to conduct business with them, all from a single platform. In a world where instant information sharing is common place, the Digicards Digital Identity product integrates seamlessly with cross platform instant messaging applications such as SMS, Email and WhatsApp to expand and grow your corporate and personal identity branding.

- Access your Digicards Digital Identity 24/7/365 wherever you are in the world.
- Update information on your Digicards Digital Identity product in Real-Time.
- Receive valuable Digicards Digital Identity reporting and analytics relating to your company, branch, department and individuals monthly.
- Market yourself and your business from your Digicards Digital Identity product platform effectively.
- Never print another business card and save!
- Be amazed as you track how many individuals connect to your Digicards Digital Identity and forward it onto others.
- The Digicards Digital Identity product is able to provide scalability for large volume corporate requirements.

- Company branding stands out clearly with precise and accurate corporate colours and proportions.
- Easily share your Digicards Digital Identity product by clicking on any of the ‘share’ button options available.
- Individual information is comprehensive and changes can be made to this without incurring additional costs or time delays.
- Your most professional photograph is attached making all your connections personal and unique.
- The Digicards Digital Identity product automatically populates the contact portion of the recipient’s smart device when saved.
- Buttons with links to anything from social networking, multimedia, marketing and promotions to video presentations, testimonials and any other important information can be added, updated, or deleted as and when required.
- A functional QR Code is included.
- Simply ‘tap’ the GPS coordinates or address for directions to your specified location.

  • sales@digicards.com.au
  • digicards.com.au
  • 0452 224 393
  • 0413 871 999
  • Shop 4, 161-167 Military Road, Dover Heights, NSW 2030

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