Most of our staff have either a masters qualification or a minimum of 10 years experience. They have advanced clinical reasoning skills which are maintained through regular clinical education, tutorials and courses

Thorough assessment of joint and muscle function allows us to make a very accurate diagnosis. Importantly for low back pain, we are able to assess the function of the deep postural or core muscles of the abdomen using Real Time Ultrasound.

When necessary, we can refer you for an x-ray to exclude broken bones

We frequently discuss difficult cases and encourage our patients to see at least two of our practitioners within 4 treatments to ensure all bases are covered. If a patient isn't responding to treatment we will communicate with your doctor and/or specialist and refer on when appropriate.

An accurate diagnosis means we can identify the specific treatment that will work for you.

Treatment is always one-on-one and may include:

  • Hands on techniques - joint mobilisation/manipulation or massage
  • Dry needling to provoke your bodies own auto-immune response to promote healing
  • Modalities to relieve pain, swelling, bruising and muscle spasm – ice, heat, ultrasound, electrotherapy
  • Exercise - for joint mobilisation, strength training or to stretch tight muscles

Our ultimate aim is to give you the tools to manage your own pain. You will nearly always be shown exercises to allow you to continue your treatment at home. We also offer exercise classes, which are specifically designed to strengthen the stabilising muscles, proven to protect the spine and prevent pain.

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  • Bay Active Physio, Shop 3, 15 Cross Street, Double Bay, NSW 2028
  • Bay Active Physique, Suite 1, Level 1, 5 Knox Street, Double Bay, NSW 2028

Susan Arnott:

Friendly professional staff. Skilled Physio's. Well run practice.

17 Nov 2016

Ruby Berkovic:

The staff at Bay Physio are amazing - they are miracle workers!

Exercise rehabilitation
28 Oct 2016

Rosalie Hirsch:

I have been going to a Pilates based exercise class run by trained physiotherapists, for a number of years now and have learned how to strengthen my core muscles in a fun friendly environment with an instructor who is there to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly.

17 Sep 2016

Simon Willis:

Combo Pilates, Stretch, Strengthen; all ages, remedial &/or maintenance, classes &/or 1-to-1, 4 levels (beginners to advanced), pleasant tuition & atmosphere.

Exercise rehabilitation
7 Sep 2016